27/beijing girl find serious relationship

Posted by Haty on 30. Apr 2012

1.27/girl:many generations live in beijing(all family members)

2.really individual/confidence. (just feel have diffirent"start line", believe and should believe in myself.)

3.many free time (one day work,then two days will be off. about techinical of Virtual Studio)

4.like westerner's appearance/culture(freedom and equal)

5.good at swim(swim 1 hour all the time/dont need have a rest)

6.Studing: guitar by myself/Argentine Tango at "dong si shi tiao". Waltz at "liang ma he"on saturday.

7.want to study squash/Bachata/salsa/Ballroom Dancing too. (have squash racket,played it around 3 times before)

8.Bachelor degree (Electronic and Information Engineering) 9.english and japanese are just so so. 10.live nearby: subway of "gong zhu fen" or "xi zhi men" or "national library"(live with family)

11.like comunicate/study/know new things.

12.msn/ email: iliketeachchinese@hotmail.com


1.dont want to get things(money/sex/...) which are not belong to me,worry lose more and dangerous.

not fatalism but believe in something belong to me, then must will belong to me.

in my life happen many things by lucky(school/job...) not by my arrangement, i just arrage me to strive, feel more safe/more suit for me.

3.dont want to sex before marriage at all. (wrote it because before received many replies of told me they want to sex)

4.have had received many messages wrote: no sex before marriage is wrong,many westerners like sex before marriage......

5.To reply these thoughts/messages:

i dont want to argument it,

the key is : i just want to do something is i like.

6.two persons love,unfair only ask me to change/hope care me than sex.

7.feel more safe and healthy, dont want to get punish( have disease:venereal disease/AIDS...)

people have physiology needs, i want to use right way to get happiness(strive find Mr.right), not use others, so at the same time, dont want to anyone use me for fun(physiology needs/lonely)


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