Posted by Springyung424 on 15. Apr 2012

Is it a true world in our eyes?i get confused sometimes as same as others.People says the true world is in our heart,i know,but the eyes tells what it happens really, tells a true world it is. What a different world!

For most of people,it is difficult to get a reason to accept, but we have to. Why not change?cause we can’t ,we r in this world, a reality!

How can we get quietness? By trying to hide the truth inside suffer its forever painful emanation? Who knows? But it is perhaps why psychological consulations are more and more popular.

I would like trying to be simple as possible as we can, to keep a pure land inside, there is a beautiful place in our heart! A place where we will share with whom we love!

So I know 2,the eyes makes us think and look for the pure land, that pure land is but the reflection of our hearts!Eyes are the windows to our heart.



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