Posted by whitney2012 on 8. Apr 2012

The first smile i got frm him that showd me he loved was whn he askd me out he had a smile of a shy boy but had big hrt.... he proved me wrng whn i said guys are the same what makes em dffnt is thre man lol,he showd me it was oky to love without any wori of gettin hurt.ma walls fall everytym am with him and ma knees get weak..... he always give's me a hug just to kip me warm and safe and everytym he says i love u it lightn'z up ma hrt..... gals whn u find a guy who makes u smile,laf,loves u,listens to u,and is willin to do anythng jst to see u smile love hm back and show him that he is the bestest thing in ur lyf.....


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