"love made me blind"

Posted by whitney2012 on 8. Apr 2012

was listeng to blind by jason derulo,he tokd bout how gud thngs wre and how bad thy wre and that he couldnt see all the lies she told !,point is whn we are in love we becum cabbages......................lolz dont get me wrng but we stop using our head to think and we use our hrt.the hrt is the stngest thng we have so i have been told but if u ask me i think its the weakd thng too,it would take u anywhere wer love is but it wont show u the bad side of the pson thats wre the mind cums in,but most of as shut the mind off and let the hrt thnk,dont say love is blind coz it aint ur wre a fool to stop using ur mind and let ur hrt do the thinkin sometyms its oky but sometyms it aint u need both to knw the tru meanin of love,if ur relationship has no ligt to it knw ur in the dark coz ur mind is off so wake up and see love coz its beautiful.......not that dark gray u have been seeing for the past i dont knw yrs!!!!:)blind by Jason derulo


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