Let’s Potluck!

Posted by Nora on 6. Apr 2012

Hi friends, Sunday's coming up, Tired of takeout? Find yourself cooking waaaay too much for 1-2 people? you know what that means! Let’s Potluck!

Well grab that takeout or cooked food, and head down to Shuangjing! Come by and share some of your din-din with friends, potluck style!

When: 17:30pm, Sunday, 4/8 Where: Shidaiguoji(时代国际) No.1 Building, Unite4, Room *(RSVP) (shuangjing exit B, line 10.) What: Potluck! Bring a dish to share! Home cooked food, or da bao'ed food are both A-OK! Friends, spouses, significant others are welcome, of course

Whether you cook it yourself, or grab something from a nearby restaurant, it'll add to the variety! See you then!

No time to cook? Not sure what to bring? Here are some local places you can order from: Annie's (Italian) - 010-65685890 KFC - 4008823823* McDonald's - 4008517517* Lily's - 6592-5548* Sabai-Sabai (Thai) - 5876 5152* Pizza Hut - 4008123123 Papa John's - 4008-88-7272 Local Chuanr guy (13269939823) * = English speaking If you have other places, let me know and I can add it to the list

Questions? Email me or call me at 13164288590. Hope to see you on Sunday!

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