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daily report :pick up your apt from the data resource, for March 29th

Posted by hoze real estate on 30. Mar 2012

CBD area;

Central Park, 3br, 195sqms, on 19th fl, RMB32000, phase III;

Central Park, 3br, 183sqms, on 5th fl, RMB28000, Phase IV;

Central Park, 3br, 183sqms, on 17th fl, RMB28000, Phase IV;

Jianwai Soho, 2br, 160sqms, on 18th fl, RMB20000;

Fortune Plaza, 3br, 168sqms, on 19th, RMB20000;

Blue Castle, 2br, 128sqms, on 12th fl, RMB13000;


Sanlitun area:

Shimao Int'l center, 1br, 102sqm, on 8th fl, RMB15000;

Shimao int'l Center, 2br, 136sqms, on 5th fl, RMB16000;

Shimao Int'l Center, 2br, 134sqms, on 8th fl, RMB20000;

Shimao Int'l Center, 19th fl, 1br, 115sqms, RMB15000;

CBD Private Castle, 2br, 148sqms, on 20th fl, RMB18000;

CBD Private Castle, 1br, 81sqms, on 16th fl, RMB10000;

CBD Private Castle, 3br, 238sqms, on 3th fl, RMB25000; can be available in May.

CBD Private Castle, 1br, 83sqms, on 6th fl, RMB8500, can be available at the end of April;

Bouhinia Court(zi jin hao ting), 4br, 220sqms, on 26th fl, RMB23000;

Sanlitun SOho, 3br plus a study room, 260sqms, 7th fl, RMB33000;

Sanlitun Soho, 3br plus a study room, 249sqms, 28th fl, RMB26000;


Dongzhimen area:

Season's Park, studio, 49sqms, on 11th fl, RMB6500, can be available on April 3th.

Pop Moma, 2br, 145sqms, on 26th fl, RMB15000, can be available on April 2nd;

Sun City, 1br, 69sqms, on 12th fl, RMB7500.

Just make, 2br, 81sqms, on 2nd fl, RMB8500;


Chaoyang Park area:

Park Avenue, 324sqms, 4br, penthouse on 31th fl, RMB50000;

Palm Spring, 220sqms, 3br, VIP Tower, on 29th fl, RMB28000;

Palm Spring, 370sqms, 4br, VIP Tower, on 3rd fl, RMB50000;

Oceanwide int'l compound, 4br, 251sqms, on 5th fl, phase III, RMB25000;


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