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hoze real estate

Sanlitun Soho, 1br, 108sqms-122sqms, RMB13000-15000, call 15810456011, you can find the layout you like from here

Posted by hoze real estate on 27. Mar 2012

I think for most of foreiegn people who live in beijing will know sanlitun which famours for it's bars and Yashow market, and here now sanlitun village is more and more popular since there's a cinema which can give more entertainment.

Opposite Sanlitun Village is the Sanlitun Soho, with white design style for outside and inside. Tower1-Tower6 are the office Building. Tower 11-17 are the apt building. there are a lot of famous poeple living here, and a lot of young people living there. livng here you will feel this city's prosperity.

For 1br in Sanlitun Soho, in Building 11, there are 5 1br apts can be available, two facing west, and three facing east.

In building 17, there are 7 1br apts can be available, all facing west.

and the price rank from RMB13000-RMB15000. so pls let me know your requirements about the apt you want.

And as well, if you r looking for some other place's apt, you can still let me know. we have a lot of apt which maybe fit you, just let me know your requirements.

Mob:15810456011; email:uubiz@live.cn.


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