Keeping Up With Time in 3D Printing

Posted by TierTime on 22. Mar 2012

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American writer Robert. Sikri ever wrote a story about "Universal Making Machine". In this story, people brought this machine and printed any they want in the space.

However it is just a story, and now we can show it real to you, can you keep up with 3D technique?

What is 3D printing technology?

It is the technology which appeared during mid of 1990s and making objects with photocuring and superposition principle. After connecting with computer, build materials was overlying to build a real object from designed drawing.3D printing was applied in various field in life.With the development of technique, 3D printing is more cloes to people's lives, including medical application. You have been in the time that looked unimaginable before. Since the invention of 3D printer by experts from MIT in 1994, 3D print has been more and more applied. And now, 3D printer is stepping in commercial using, the day that people can widely accept it will be not far.


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