A way home from the bottom of my heart

Posted by Jenny Xu on 16. Mar 2012

My friends and I were fortunate enough to visit and have witnessed the extraordinary works of PHF’s Langfang Children’s Village. I was completely moved by their absolute unselfishness and their unwavering commitment and passion for bettering the lives of so many special children. People from all over the world working with The Philip Hayden Foundation that is an extraordinary organization dedicated themselves to making a profound impact in the lives of children.

Every kid there has a story about passion and love. If you are interested in, you could read their stories at http://chinaorphans.org/phfblog/category/childrens-stories/ to know more about in details, and look at pictures at my album.

They sang some songs, and then we each sang some songs together. I’d never forget all in our first hangout there. I thank for them to let me know how to be brave and how to have fun. They are always a great encouragement to all of us to be brave to face up to ourselves and move on to a bright life for the rest of life. I wish all kids there a nice year that is happy in every day.


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