3D Printing Will Change the Future to Arts

Posted by TierTime on 16. Mar 2012

Original link: http://www.jmnews.com.cn/c/2012/03/15/10/c_122...

There has been two interesting things since this year, one is that Belgian doctors succeeded in face replacing operation; The other is that theavante guardian designer Asher Levine who is like Laday Gaga made a type of sun glasses. What the same point between two? They are all prodeced by 3D printing technique.

Levine's sun glasses was printed to save the cost and original material. He receive the customers' designed drawings and edit to print for them. These products are more cheap.

If the 3D printing is real magic, why it is still a new technology for people now? Debo said, "That is a long way from imagination to finish. But I still think it is the great technique during the past 20 to 25 years. It really changed the way of designing, transferring even purchasing." However, we need enough time to hold their lower prices. In addition, the industrial materials are cheaper, so the traditaional manufacturing are still popular and leading. Of course, some industries have turned to 3D printing methord, such as online shopping. Debo believes that we can fetch the shoes designing from Nike website and print out at home within 5 to 10 years. Levine even imagined he will scan all his wearing and print for every morning. Maybe the day is not far.


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