How long is the Great Wall?

Posted by Fly on 8. Mar 2012

    The Great Wall, snaking along the north of China with its starting point from the Old Dragon Head of the Shanhai Pass at the seaside in the east, stretches westwards over a distance of 10,000 li.It crosses three provinces, two municipality and two autonomous regions of Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanxi,Inner Mongolia and Ningxia to end at the Jiayu Pass in Gansu Province in the west, its actual length totaling about 6,300 kilometers,an equivalent of about 3,915 miles. Putting together the walls of suchlike built in various dynasties in ancient China the total length of the Great Wall can be up to more than 100,000 li(about 31,075 miles).Except the Great Wall existing in the aforesaid procinces, municipality and autonomous regions, traces of walls as suchlike can also be found in the provinces of Shanghai, Henan, Hunan and Heibei and some other places. However ,in all these provinces and regions, the walls found in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region stretch the longest of them all, measuring approximately 30,000 li, an equivalent to 9,323 miles. 


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