Pano Tour of Macau (to be continued)

Posted by Nancy on 2. Mar 2012

I've been anticipating a trip like this for years. Only baba and me.

All I packed in my suitcase is summer wear(and dad's gears), but unfortunately,

Macau's weather is almost as depressing as Beijing's at this time of the year, only more humid.

On the vehicle of the tourism bureau, we lost our sense of direction completely.

(NTS,explore on foot next time)

My mobile conviniently banned all signals and without the GPS I suddenly went somewhat-phobic.

We explored the sites we shot on the night before we head back.

The crowded downtown, the alleys, the magnificent casino hotels.

I'm head over heels for the city, so tiny yet so great.

Here are the nominees for best panoramic tour of Macau.

Cafe "Luxury": Maoshi Cafe(meaning cat's faeces)

Jin's Curry Hotpot (Starring Nancy Lee)

The most popular street of Macau: Guanya Street View (Floating Pano)

Guanya Street's "Koi Kei" dimsum(Starring Nancy Lee)

Grand Lapa Hotel(Guestarring Jesse Lee)


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