Dream in 3D Printing

Posted by TierTime on 23. Feb 2012

3D designer will make some interesting products by 3D printer, e.g. to repair some broken toys. Some famous company, such as Nike, Adidas, printed the model of new shoes. Even for Ford, Porsche, Motorola, Nokia and HP also applied 3D printer on their producing line.

The biggest European airplane company (EADS) is trying to print lighter plane. The engineer explained that many parts of the plane was made from metallic materials, and 3D printing technology can make lighter within 40%. But meanwhile, it can be same strong as before. As we know, as every kg you reduce, more than $3000 will be saved every year!

One Canadian company has been paying attention to 3D printing technology. The founder of the company said that they were researching one type of printed electric bicycle. And the 3D printing will be the key step.

For more magic idea, the Italian inventor printed the building by 3D printer without any workers and other tools. Now he is researching in printing with sand in moon in order to build a new human center.


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