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Upcoming ‘Charity Readers Theatre’ show needs crew! “慈善读者剧场”演出招募工作人员

Posted by Beijing Playhouse on 19. Feb 2012

Beijing playhouse has decided to try something a little bit different this year, and so this summer on August 18th, Beijing Playhouse will be performing the show ‘Joy Luck Club,' for one night only. 中英百老汇今年决定尝试一些不同德事情,就在今年夏天的8月18号的这天晚上,中英百老汇北京剧场将上演《喜福会》。

Two things will make this show very special. Firstly, this is not a typical Beijing Playhouse big stage show. We won’t be using costumes, props, music, subtitles, lighting or any of the tech wizardry we usually have on our shows. And cast won’t be expected to memorize every single line of dialogue either. And because of that, we won’t have the 3 months rehearsal time that we usually do. In fact, we will only have 6 days! That’s right. Auditions for the show will take place on the morning of August 12th, casting will be the same afternoon, and the first rehearsal will be the same night. Rehearsals will then be every night until August 18th, with the last two rehearsals before the show on August 18th. 有两件事将会让这场演出很特别。首先这场演出不是中英百老汇通常的大型舞台演出。我们不会有演出服装,道具,字幕,灯光,或者任何我们以前用过的科技手段。我们不要求演员记住剧本的每一句台词。因此我们不需要以前那样要用三个月的时间来排练,事实上,我们只有6天得排练时间。演员试镜时间在8月12号的上午,当天下午选定演员并确定角色,晚上就开始排练。然后每天晚上排练一直到8月18号正式演出,18号正式演出之前还会有两场排练。

The second big difference is that for this show, 100% of profits will go to charity. Neither BP, nor the theatre we perform in, will make any money. Ticket prices will be much cheaper, but we still hope to raise a good amount of money to give to the selected charity. 这场演出的第二大特比之处是,演出百分之百的利润将用于慈善,中英百老汇以及演出所在的剧场都不会从中谋利。演出票价将比中英百老汇通常的演出便宜很多,但是我们还是希望我们能拿到一笔钱捐给那些选定的慈善组织。

So as you can see, it’s really shaping up to be something very different! But we still need people, and lots of them, to make this work. And that means you! Apart from cast members, we first need to get the crew on board. The positions we need to fill are listed here; 所以你能看出来,这是件非比寻常的事情。但是我们还是需要大量的工作人员来施行这件事。除了演员,我们首先需要的就是幕后工作人员,具体职位如下:

Assistant Directors 导演助理 Costume Designer 服装设计师 Set Designer 布景设计师 Lighting Designer 灯光设计师 Props Master 道具师 Hair and Make Up 发型和化妆师 Sound Technician 音响技术人员 Lighting Technician 灯光技术人员 Head Usher 领位主管 Box Office Co-coordinator 售票处协调员 Ushers 领位员

Everyone is welcome to apply for these positions. As I said, CRT will not be a big stage performance like Beijing Playhouse usually does, and it’s only a one week rehearsal schedule, so there won’t really be much to do. And of course, you don’t need to be an expert in any of these fields to apply, and it won’t take up too much of your time. As long as you can speak English, and have a week to spare, you’re just what we are looking for! 我们欢迎任何人申请以上职位。像我所说的那样,慈善读者剧场不是中英百老汇通常的大型演出,而且只用一个星期来排练,所以工作量并不大。当然你不需要在这些领域是专家才可以申请这些职位。只要你可以说英语,能腾出一个星期的时间(晚上和周末),你就是我们要找的人。

If you are interested in any of the above positions, either talk to me at Drama Club, or send me an email at Thanks! 如果你对以上职位感兴趣,你可以直接来我们的Drama Club线下活动找我,或者给我发邮件到 谢谢!

Dates 日程安排 试镜Audition: 10am Sunday August 12th ,星期天8月12号上午10点 排练Rehearsal : August 12th 2pm Sunday, 8月12号下午2点,星期天 August 12th 6.30pm Sunday,8月12号晚上6:30,星期天 August 13th 6.30pm Monday, 8月13号晚上6:30,星期一 August 14th 6.30pm Tuesday, 8月14号晚上6:30,星期二 August 15th 6.30pm Wednesday,8月15号晚上6:30,星期三 August 16th 6.30pm Thursday,8月16号晚上6:30,星期四 August 17th 6.30pm Friday,8月17号晚上6:30,星期五 August 18th 10am Saturday,8月18号上午10点,星期六 August 18th 2.30pm Saturday,8月18号下午2:30,星期六 正式演出Show time: August 18th 7.30pm Saturday,8月18号晚上7:30,星期六


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