3D scale model helps Vienna city planners give vision to their plans

Posted by TierTime on 17. Feb 2012

Original Link: http://www.materialise.com/materialise/view/en/4913089-3D+scale+model+helps+Vienna+city+planners+give+vision+to+their+plans.html?cat=2422939

Capturing the beauty of Vienna’s imperial nostalgia in an impressive 3D scale model has proven to be a stunning project for Materialise, no matter which way you look at it.

Urban planners have turned to 3D printing to help them in the rejuvenation process of some districts of the city. A scale model of one such renewal project, the Morzinplatz-Schwedenplatz, was on display in Vienna’s Museum Karlsplatz in an exhibition called ‘Space for the city’. Its purpose was not simply to show how beautiful this inner-city development along the Danube Canal could be. With such a lofty purpose in mind, it was important for planners to give people the most realistic and accurate representation of the project as possible. That’s why the City of Vienna (Magistrat der Stadt Wien) approached Materialise. Couldn’t be created in any other way Based on design files collected from photos taken from a plane, a matrix was used to prepare the data. Cut into 21 pieces, the 1,220 mm X 900 mm replica was then printed on a 3D printer.

“It was certainly a challenge to prepare the data of this extensive project, but thanks to our experience we were able to create a highly-detailed, good quality product which is aesthetically appealing,” explains the manager of project. “Not a lot of companies could manage such a project in such a short time.” Highly-detailed, stunningly beautiful The details were represented in colour with a high degree of precision. Now people can see what the proposed building and area will look like so there will be no surprises.


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