The Magic 3D Printed Spider Robot

Posted by TierTime on 16. Feb 2012

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The modern robot need to be agile and balanced which is lacked for human in rescuing task, such as walking on the way after earthquake or in nuclear reactor area. Recently the scientist printed the spider robot which was similar as the real spider by 3D printer. This spider robot was strongly agile and suitable for rescuing task instead of human.

The spider robot can walk steadily with four legs as the real one, and judge the next way with other four legs. The flexibility and intellectuality of the robot was decided with the firm and strong joints which was printed by German scientist. Meanwhile, the cost for the spider robot was low but the function was improved. Presently the spider robot and take the camera and admeasuring apparatus and send feedback information to staffs during the rescuing task. German research team printed the all parts of spider separately in order that they were easy to fit any uncomfortable parts while printing. “We will save more cost and time by this way, and ensure the high printing speed.” Bell explained.


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