3D Printing, to Satisfy Your Dream

Posted by TierTime on 15. Feb 2012

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In future, what techniques will affect our lives? Recently “New Scientist” selected seven of them and to explain. Now let us introduce the second one, 3D printing.

In the evening, you stop your car beside your new house which was just printed out before several days. And then you are holding a printed beautiful golden necklace for your wife’s birthday. For your dinner, it has been in the 3D printer.

Like that, 3D printer can make anything easier than before. And judging from what you want, you can select the right materials into the printer, the what you need is just to wait and enjoy.

Now 3D printing technique has been widely applied in some small and special parts making. Many projects are considered to apply the technology.

Moreover, the scientists are trying to find the right materials for printing human organs. The American scientist Sangeeta Bhatia was successful to make the material for printing new human liver. She believes that it can help to provide the most suitable organ for every patient especially for children.

Maybe it is just a wonderful thinking, but it explains that 3D printer will affect the people’s lives further if the price can be decreased. Once the companies can provide more designing, the current production mode will be completely changed. People will print anything they want at home instead of factories. Moreover, the situation of import and export mode will be widely changed.

The final result is that people can easily print, copy anything by themselves. What them need is just to press “Print it!”


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