The Innovation for 3D Printer in 2012

Posted by TierTime on 13. Feb 2012

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In Feb of 2011, an article titled in “How Manufacture Technology Change the World” was used in producing the history and development of 3D printers in magazine covered by 3D printer. It explained that people are paying more and more attention to the 3D printing technology.

3D printing showed the value and imagination in various industries, and was able to be changing the miraculous ideas into truth. In the past year 2011, people were agog to show their 3D printed products such as potato, chocolate, the model of a small town even cars and planes. It can say the 3D printing always shows the spirit in creation and innovation

  1. Development of Field

In 2011, the 3D printing was completely biological medicine producing with its advantage. XX Creative Group had succeeded in printing human bones; another group from Harvard Medical College successfully excogitated one kind of 3D printer that could print biological cellule. In the other hand, the research in printing human organs is in process.

With the development of variety and the innovation of printing technology, 3D printing is not only showing the big potential in traditional manufacture industry, but also in food manufacturing, luxurious clothes, media products, education and other field closely related with people’s life.

  1. Improvement of Printing Speed, Size and Technique

At present, the maximum printing speed of personal 3D printer is over 300 mm even 350 mm per second; meanwhile the 3D printer is more and more designed both in lighter and bigger sized for various requirements.

  1. The Innovation of Designing Platform

Based on the coming popularity of domestic 3D printer, the designing platform of 3D printing is turning in perspicuous function and easier applying. Microsoft and Google has promoted their 3D printing designing platform in order that more people can enjoy the happiness from 3D printers.


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