The Future of 3D Printing: Another Revolution for Manufacturing

Posted by TierTime on 19. Jan 2012

Now it has been noticed that the cost, accuracy, speed and materials of printing must be improved for the well spread of the 3D printing technology.

1.Cost In future, the cost of a 3D printer will continue to decrease. Some small types will be more suitable for family of personal office.

Some 3D fans tried to research one opened 3D printer since year 2006, in order to promote the universalness of cheap and nice quality 3D printer.

The second is to develop various printing materials, such as intelligentized material, FGM, Nano material, heterogeneous material and other complex material. Including metal material can the new hot point.

The third is to improve the speed and efficiency of 3D printing, and research a complex printing technique and materials in order to meet the different producing required.

In addition, some new technical printing ways will be applied in future 3D printer. The printer will be the necessity in any family, and they can make any fantastic things through it. What you have imagined, just to print!

On the other hand, you can copy any what you have seen (just to model) with the help of a 3D camera or scanner. And then just judging from these pictures, the detailed information about the object will be input to computer. Finally the 3D printer will restore it.

The most important is that 3D printer changes the traditional work methods and ideas, even being a big revolution. Maybe some worker will lose their job because the promotion of 3D printers, however you do not have to anxious about that because it will become true in future only.

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