3D Printing Appears from the Developments of Rapid Prototyping

Posted by TierTime on 18. Jan 2012

3D printing technology is looked as new thing by some people, but it actually appeared since about 20 years. Many designers know 3D CAD. Since 70s, 3D CAD has improved to be the important tool and standard for designing. At the same period, rapid prototyping technology was well developed.

Rapid prototyping was developed to different genre during many years, such as SL, SLS, 3DP, FDM. 3DP and FDM were the low-cost high-technology, so could be better accepted.

Before 3D printer was far from us because of three reasons below,

  1. High-costing, it’s the chief reason.
  2. Low printing speed.
  3. Low printing precision

Nowadays, 3D printing technology has well improved and more and more applied in family and some small office.

Original Link http://oa.chinabyte.com/109/11148609.shtml


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