Posted by Springyung424 on 18. Jan 2012

She was here

We met ,couple nights in Beijing

Talking,drinking,smoking and thinking

She marriged, devoced, and being live with her little daught

Im able to know her

Caring, loving, optimistic and strong-minded

A person who Im happy to be together

She was here

Couple nights in Beijing

We looked at eachother

listening to a music, staring into a silence and smiling naturally

She was here

It was enough that we have got the idea

To remember this moment, hold this moment

How we laught, how the feeling went by

Couple nights in Beijing

She was here

We met, the last whold day in Shanghai

Going around the city, taking photos, dancing

She came to my place to teach me salsa

And showed me the songs she loves

I went to her place to say hello her friends

And showed her what’s my favorite to do

She was here

The last whold day in Shanghai

We did all we would

We shared all we could

the last whold day in shanghai

A day, nothing more valuable than it made

To remember this time, hold this time

When time was yours and mine

You had me, I had you

Couple nights in Beijing

The last whold day in Shanghai

She was there

Wrote In 2007,for a friend who stays in my heart,although she’s gone forever….


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  • Elektra

    ???who she is...feeling ever&never had before

    28 January 2012

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