Printing an Everyday Coffee Cup for Your Different Mood!

Posted by TierTime on 17. Jan 2012

To make the different cup for your different day, what a fun!

The Spanish designer Bernat Cuni finished his plan of making a coffee cup for everyday by 3D printing technique.

Cuni said, the cups would be the best achievement to creative ability and proving to digital making. You will trust that any idea will become true within 24 hours.

The plan lasted for one month. And every day Cuni would make a strange shape of cup in no more than 24 hour. But the cup will cost you $ 36 to $ 81.

It was most important for the process in printing that would cost about 4 hours. The materials were put layer after layer. Several hour later, a model would be finished.

Second heating can well keep the shape of cup, and after step by step processing, a beautiful cup finished.


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