3D Printed Airplane

Posted by TierTime on 16. Jan 2012

The British scientist firstly printed

A British scientist firstly designed and flied printed 3D airplane all over the world. The airplane was named “SULSA”, whom non-human controlled and every part was printed by 3D printer.

SULSA was printed by the materials of layer after layer, the whole body can be finished without any other tools in few minutes. The wingspan of airplane is 2 meters and the max speed is near to 100 km/h, without any noise.

3D printing technology made a short time from designing to firstly flying. But by traditional way, it will cost several months. In addition, the cost will be decreased because of no other tools.

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In the process, people firstly finish designing in computer, then correct the shape and print it. And the 3D printer will work based on what people want. The printing change the traditional ways to factory and make every step easier. More importantly, 3D printing technology can help to reduce the cost, and will be looked as a huge technical revolution.



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