10 Things You Can make by a 3D Printer

Posted by TierTime on 13. Jan 2012

10 Things You Can Make by a 3D Printer

From “http://roll.sohu.com/20111228/n330558385.shtml” Printing technique has appeared for near 2000 years, however, in the past long period, it always stayed in 2D appearance. Nowadays, the technique has been widely developed.

Now 3D printing technology is looked as a remarkable leap in the human history. Someone ever mentioned both it and the invention of steam engine. The American media selected and showed the things below is what you can make by a 3D printer.

  1. Art

3D printer can produce various excellent art. It is originally a hard work to make the art by traditional ways. And now, 3D printing technology can help to solve this problem. The process can ensure the reality and safe for the art.

  1. Precision Parts Making

In some industries, 3D printing cannot yet be attached the Importance. But for precision parts making, both accuracy and Once Moldings are most important. The advantage of 3D printing can make to be satisfied for these needs.

  1. Home Decoration

Now more and more families prefer the unique and unusual decoration, then 3D printer can be nicely applied. Some companies have made the individual designing for their customers. Whatever you want, it can be easily brought to the 3D printer. Try it now!

  1. Construction

Italian inventor Enrico Dini invented a huge 3d printer, which could straightly print a finished building. With this 3D printer, no dangerous working and complicated process will be in future.

The original material is sand. One layer sand was covered by another one, one by one, then the final building finish. At present Dini has finished a egg shape construction which is called Ray Pavilion.

  1. Food and Clothes

3D printing technology inspire more clothes and food designers. In a short term, maybe the technology cannot bring obvious changes, but can take the big imagination and expectation to designers and customers.

  1. Dolls

If you were a cartoon fans, you will like character doll. Traditional way to make them will cost more and lead a complicated process. And now, a 3D printer can make it easy. What you need is just to purchase materials, then you can wait for the doll belong to you only.

  1. Rebuild Crime Scene

Not all polices can be smart as Sherlock Holmes, they often needs to rebuild the confused crime scene for detecting. The easiest way is not to use sand table but to 3D printer. In American soap play “CSI”, 3D printer has been well applied, and also in realistic process of detecting,.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelers were the first trier of 3D printing technology. They bring the technique in investment casting. Designer printed any shape model they want by 3D printer and paraffin wax, later pour running metal into the model, finally the beautiful jewelry was finished.

  1. Medical Application

3D printing can be well used as medical application which is able to save lives even. Before operation, doctors copy patient’s body as reference in order to make the operation more perfect. It can print bones instead of broken ones.

  1. Products Model

It is the most popular application at present. Technicist can easily improve their products with following the printed model. Comparing with the traditional way, more cost can be saved.

We trust 3D printer will be applied in more and more industries with the development of the technology.


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