10 Finest 3D Printed Objects

Posted by TierTime on 10. Jan 2012

Three dimensional printing is one of the fastest emerging additive manufacturing technologies. 3D printed products are manufactured by using rapid prototyping method i.e. it lays down more than one layers of material to attain the final product. The 3D printed products are usually durable and with its use being more in trend, the cost of 3D printers has gradually gone down. 3D printers have found their increasing use in industries like automobiles, aerospace, industrial designs, architecture, fabrication, medical industries, education, etc. As the world catches on to the amazing benefits of 3D printing, we’ve came up with a list of the 10 most geeky objects made with 3D printers for you.

1.Urbee Hybrid: 3-D Printed Car

Urbee is the first hybrid car which is made out of 3D printing technology. The makers have used the 3D printing technology for the production of Urbee’s whole exterior body components. It undergoes the additive manufacturing process which is nothing but printing the material layers on top each other until it furnishes into a perfect finished product. Talking about the efficiency, apart from the superb design, Urbee holds 100 mpg in city environment whereas it catches upto 200 mpg while on highway. It works on gasoline or ethanol fuel and has also competed in the 2010 X-prize competition.

2.3D Printed Plane

Moving on with next achievement with 3D printing technology, SULSA became the world’s first most plane that is entirely 3D printed. A team of UK aeronautical designers came up together which included Andy Keane and Jim Scanlan of the Southampton University for this superbly giant purpose. SULSA also known as 'Southampton University Laser Sintered Aircraft' is purely made of using 3 dimensional printing which consists of layered fabrication process and was completed in just a week. Further, SULSA is designed taking inspiration from two famous aircrafts i.e. the WW2-era Spitfir and the Vickers Wellington. Spitfir is well known for its low-drag elliptical hard wings which is said to have very tough wings. Also, SULSA has the geodesic internal structures which is the feature of the robust Vickers Wellington aircraft, well-known for its ability to stand as anti-aircraft fire. According to the team makers, 3D printing made the complex manufacturing much easier that too at low cost.

3.3D Printed bikini

N-12 is the first 3D fabricated two-piece which is attained using 3D printing technology. This hi-tech bikini is a complete code written finished product made by the collaboration 3D printing experts i.e. Shapeways and the Continuum Fashion. Nylon 12 is the material used for its geometrical design with 3D printing process that made the bikini a custom fit and particularly strong fabric. It is said that the piece is real ideal for swimwear fashion and that it gets more comfortable while it’s wet. The bikini has undergone the process of (SLS) Selective Laser Sintering that resulted into such a beautifully crafted finished product. The 3D print gave almost new dimension in its achievements with this product. The Bikini is now for sale and priced at $200 to $300 for each single piece of the bikini. Bit pricy, isn’t it?

4.3D Printed Custom Prosthetic Limbs

Bespoke Innovations is a San Francisco based company that specializes in manufacturing custom prosthetic limbs with use of 3D printing technology. The company has made the life of worldwide amputees much easier to carry on their lives with their personal prosthetic limbs. The recreation of the part of the body form is custom made for each customers depending upon their needs, personality and likes. They use 3D scanning process to make the artificial limbs of accurate measure and pattern for each amputee. Thus, 3D printing has made possible to recreate the unique prosthetic that will gift mobility to the amputee that had once lost their body part in certain trauma.

5.iPod Shuffle Neckband

If you thought that 3D printers are used in some huge product manufacturing then, Pod à porter will amaze you once again. Pod à porter is a sleek neckband that will solve your disordered wire problem while listening your favorite track on your worthy iPod shuffle (4th generation). Made up of solid polyamide material with 3D printing technology, pod à porter gets a complete sleek finish with ultra light in weight. Moreover, it is a custom manufactured product designed specifically for each of the customers. It works with the earbuds to which the iPod shuffle is equipped with and also with all Apple headphones plus the remote controlled ones too. It’s available in the market for $27.50 in two colors.

6.3D Printed Card Skimmer

3D printing has not only made lives easier with its amazing geeky products but also in no time it’s now been used for fraudulent activities. One among them is this 3D printed ATM card skimmer which was found at one of the Chase ATMs in West Hills, California. Looking at its neat and sleek appearance, no-one could make out whether it’s a real card skimmer or any kind of fraud gadget used for stealing the card holders information such as PIN no, name and security code. It also has a small spy camera attached in it under the plate that will record the PIN as the user enters and sends the recorded data wirelessly via SMS or Bluetooth. Scary isn’t it?

7.3D Printed Frisbee

Going on to next is the world’s first 3D printed Frisbee made in Belgium. Also known as FrisMe is an expensive product by I.Materialize made up of plastic material. The only thing this plastic Frisbee holds is its 3D manufacturing technique. FrisMe is totally customizable with its shape and design. You can order it as per your personal choice of fabric and shape of the Frisbee. It is now available for sale at a price of $215 to $230 (Including shipping charges).

8.3D printed Fabric

Earlier we discussed about the 3D bikini and now moving on to other we have another 3D fabric that is soon going to remove the need for needles and thread for gaining a piece of fabric. Even the textile industry is now moving on to the 3D printing technology for sustainable and greener output. This concept is brought up by the collaboration of Designer Jiri Evenhuis with Janne Kyttanen from Freedom of Creation. The product is an ultimate three dimensional output with the use of software that converts the rapid layering into a specific body type fabric structures. These fabrics are currently displayed in the New York city at the Museum of Modern Art.

9.3D printed Shoes

As said anything and any kind of shape is possible with 3D printing technique. And so is this shoe, which is made up of laser sintered nylon and is designed by Pauline van Dongen, a fashion designing student at ArtEZ, Arnhem. Well known name in the women’s fashion brands, Morphogenesis is created with the help of Freedom of Creation and was displayed at the FOC Future of Fashion exhibition placed at The Amsterdam World fashion Center. Thus, this innovation in shoe products is lightening up the future for more of 3D products for its durability and any possible shape or design.

10.3D printed Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s cube is much more fun and challenging to many of us and sometimes tends to be great friend at the most tricky situations in life. No, I am not intending to get you a job as Will Smith got in the movie “The pursuit of happiness” just by solving the Rubik puzzle. Here it is the world’s first 3D printed micro-Rubik created Evgeny Grigorev, a computer programmer by profession. This mini Rubik cube is almost 10mm in size making it more challenging and delicate enough to handle it. Although, it holds similar functionality as the normal one does but here it’s the size that matters with the three dimensional printing technology which nearly took a month in its creation. Amazingly funny!


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