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Beijing Playhouse seeks Webmaster 北京中英百老汇招聘网站管理员

Posted by Beijing Playhouse on 26. Dec 2011

Beijing Playhouse seeks Webmaster北京中英百老汇招聘网站管理员

Beijing Playhouse北京中英百老汇介绍 Sponsored in part by the US Embassy, Beijing Playhouse (, China’s English Broadway Theatre, presents such family friendly shows as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the Broadway musicals Guys and Dolls and Oklahoma!, Neil Simon’s comedy The Odd Couple, You Can’t Take It With You, Love, Sex and the IRS, and annual productions of Christmas classics like Cinderella, Snow White or Charles Dickens’ heartwarming holiday classic A Christmas Carol. 美国驻华使馆部分地赞助了中英百老汇(, 它是一家在中国的英文百老汇式剧场,上演适合家庭观看的演出,诸如莎士比亚的罗密欧与朱丽叶,百老汇音乐剧红男绿女和俄克拉何马,内尔西蒙的喜剧古怪的一对,你不能带走它,爱情,性别和税务,以及每年圣诞经典剧目诸如灰姑娘,白雪公主或是查理迪耿斯的假日经典名剧圣诞赞歌。

As the largest locally produced English theatre in China, we are constantly pushing the envelope of what can be accomplished in China. It’s an exciting place to be. We are the first and only legally recognized English theatre in Beijing. We have had amazing accomplishments in the last six years. We’ve done 11 main stage shows and 16 kids theatre camps. 作为中国最大的本土制作的英文剧场,我们一直致力于不断成就我们在中国所能达到的极限。这是一个令人兴奋的地方。在北京,我们是第一个也是唯一一个被认可的英文剧场。在过去的六年中,我们取得了惊人的成绩。我们举办了11场舞台演出和16次儿童戏剧营活动。

Beijing Playhouse has the support of the English speaking Beijing community—including all of the major English language magazines. Two of this season’s shows are sponsored by the US Embassy. Our kids theatre camps have become fixtures in China. For the webmaster, the first show they will work on will be the Broadway musical Oklahoma! which will take place in May. This position helps guarantee continuity as Beijing Playhouse goes from show to show. 北京中英百老汇得到了北京的讲英文人士的支持-包括所有的主要英文杂志。该演出季的两场演出得到了美国驻华使馆的赞助。儿童戏剧营是我们在中国定期举行的活动。网站管理员负责的第一场演出将会是五月份上演的百老汇音乐剧俄克拉荷马。该职位保证北京中英百老汇各个演出间的连续性。

Webmaster 网站管理员的职责 Be part of the fun of creating live English theatre in Beijing. Beijing Playhouse webmaster will: 1) Make small changes to the website; and 2) creat HTML flyer for email purposes.. 成为活跃的北京英文剧场艺术幽默的一分子。北京中英百老汇的网站管理员将负责:1)修改网站内容;2)为电子邮件制作HTML格式胡宣传单;

Requirements 职位要求 Successful applicant will have excellent website and HTML skills. English must be adequate, but fluency is not necessary. Experience with email direct marketing databases a plus. Theatre experience preferred, but not necessary. 成功的应聘者需要有出色的网站管理管理经验和HTML制作技巧。需要有中等英文水平,无需流利。有运用电子邮件进行直接数据库市场营销的经营将是一个有利的条件。希望有剧场经验,但非必需。

Hours/Compensation 工作时间/薪酬 This position works conveniently from home. We are expecting at least a three year commitment from someone who will stay in Beijing for a long time. Pay is 50 RMB/HTML web document or web page updated. There are an estimated 2-6 assignments per month. 该职位可以方便地在家中工作。 我们希望申请人在北京可以长期居住,至少三年。 制作每份HTML网络文件或每次网络更新的薪酬是人民币50元。每月大约有2次-6次任务。

To Apply 如何申请 Send resume and cover letter in English to Executive Director, Beijing Playhouse at 请发简历和申请信给performance@beijingplayhouse.com北京中英百老汇的执行总监。


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