Rodney Hollingsworth 大威力

Rodney Hollingsworth 大威力

Response to the "Dude: What happened to this website? It used to be 酷毙了, now it is dead" blog

Posted by Rodney Hollingsworth 大威力 on 20. Dec 2011

Overtime, things get old and uninteresting. Especially when it seems that everyone share the same personality and agenda, while the things that are interesting get overlooked or ignored. It's sort of parallel to the "all men are dogs" or "all women are whores" ideology, as that which should stand out from the rest happens to blend in with all that appears to be going on. Gentlemen how many people, mainly women on this site, have you friend request or sent an inbox message to yet haven't gotten a reply? Sure some ladies get ignored as well, yet if you've noticed, many guys won't ignore a friend request or message from a woman if they appear to be "creepy." Why? Because what's important for them is physical activity, or popularity. Yet for some of the women on here, it's about founding SECURITY; whether in WEALTH, or LOVE. So in either situation, the guard is up, though higher for women. Check out the status updates. Most are about "losing love, heartbreaks, self empowerment or trying to find love again. And mostly, it's noticeable that the same guys whom comment on those "wounded hearted" status updates are mutual friends with other guys sharing the same female mutual friends.

Another problem is the web design and searching through the site is too slow. In addition, doesn't offer anything different than what other social networking sites attributed to Beijing has to offer. The better one is BJ Stuff. Yet even there, you get the same as what is offered on here as far as the types of people, personality and agenda. Perhaps the owner or the person(s) managing this site needs to redevelop their marketing strategy or team. Do inventory regarding what is working, what needs to be improved, what needs to be done anyway with and what other sites are doing as they cater to native Beijingers and expats across Beijing. It's all about demographics, marketing and creativity. It would also be helpful to know how networking sites all across China are doing, especially in popular cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjjin just to name a few. Research or network with site developers or managers over these social networking sites to see what makes them successful as well as don't be hesitate nor stubborn to ask for suitable advice for the improvement of this site, or maybe merge together. As they say, "if you can't beat them, join them."

You want Beijing to appear exciting before the masses as many foreigners are coming into the country more often than ever. Make it something special for everybody; Beijingers and expats alike.


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  • Sabrina

    true the biggest change I don't like is, the used-to-be login area changed to an area for new user registration, not serve for regular users anymore, what are they thinking?

    20 December 2011

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