Rodney Hollingsworth 大威力

Rodney Hollingsworth 大威力

Be Yourself to Free Yourself

Posted by Rodney Hollingsworth 大威力 on 18. Dec 2011

*Often times we judge celebrities, world and religious leaders based off an 'IMAGE' we have of them; while perhaps having NO IDEA of the pain that's buried inside or only revealed behind closed doors, away from all the glitz and glam, while fighting to maintain a healthy balance between the real and the perception. Imagine the 'IMAGE' that our society have concerning us, and the pain of feeling left alone as everyone has turned their backs on you once they feel you're not living up to what they've made you out to be. But maybe it's their VISION that is too small. Maybe it's time that they upgrade.

The culture that we're from doesn't define who we are nor how good we could become at something. We can become whatever and however we chose to become. People will always have an opinion about what you do, what you've done, who you are and where you're going. However, your life is not their journey.

Stop looking around at people and stay focused on the road you are traveling. If a driver looks around while driving, he could eventually end up in a wreck. Why? Because his focus was on the wrong thing, as he allowed what was around him to direct his path. However, people can be like mirrors; showing us sides of us that we can't see without one, or areas about ourselves that we choose to ignore. However, just make sure you're not looking into a broken mirror or one that is too small.*

` Rodney Hollingsworth


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  • Perfectly Iɯdǝɹɟǝɔʇ

    very nice piece

    18 December 2011
  • Viviane Zhang

    Love it.. But such a waste to post on this site...hehe xP

    18 December 2011
  • Rodney Hollingsworth 大威力

    @ Perfectly Iɯdǝɹɟǝɔʇ: Thank you friend. @ Viviane Zhang: Thank you as well. Just remember, nothing is a waste, no matter where it is placed.

    18 December 2011
  • Leaffeel

    yeah , i like this ,,"be yourself to free yourdelf" and it`s also perfect that " nothing is a waste, no matter where it is placed"

    19 December 2011
  • Sabrina

    my mirror is too small...

    21 December 2011

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