We R back-- on the train

Posted by we-live-in-beijing on 16. Dec 2011

First all, useing some pics to describe our moods.首先,用几张照片表达下我们的心情。

It is nono, he wears a glass and always smile :)这是 nono啦,带眼镜,脸上永远挂着笑容。

It is me, i m so sad......这是我啦,我真的很衰。。。。

It is beezo...... i have nothing to say about him. 这是小猴子,我对他无话可说。

I was so bored on the train, but i have to say those oranges gave me a lot of funs. 在火车上,无聊死我了。不是不得不说这些橘子给我带来很多乐趣。

OH my god , terriable.........天哪,可怕吧

The window of CHR was too dirty. 动车的玻璃真脏。

Anywhere is his stage, even on the CHR.到处都是他的舞台,连动车他都不放过。

Beezo was snoring. 小猴子在打鼾。。。

I found that nono makes me happy, orange makes me happy. So after all, i come to a conclusion nono = orange. 我发现,nono能我高兴,桔子也能让我高兴。因此我得出一个结论nono等于桔子。


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