Dummies on the Road

Posted by Luke J. on 2. Dec 2011

When crossing the street, Beijingers only look after taking three brisk steps, it’s a FACT. It reminds me of that Police Academy game where you have to identify the bad guys from the hostages that pop out from behind those little blue walls. They came out mindlessly, but at least the faceless dummies knew you were there, you know? Beijingers seem to make it a point to step into the street as fast as possible after getting off the bus or something, like if they didn’t, it would insult my athletic ability to NOT run into while going at full speed in the bike lane on my 12 speed.

It has gotten to a point where I, a soft spoken, good kid, find myself intentionally brushing or scaring guys that dart determinately into the bike lane. I mean, if I started to cross the street without looking either way first, I would feel uncomfortable, like there would definitely be someone waiting to blindside me. Beijingers here have no such fear, instead it must be my responsibility to not run into them. They have far too much faith.


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  • Flora Pink

    haha.... r u an expert for crossing road or riding a biking now? good luck tho.

    12 December 2011
  • Leaffeel

    does what you talked about have something to do with faith ?

    13 December 2011
  • Flora Pink

    nope sweety , im not on about faith at all. i just made a joke about crossing roads he was mentioning before.

    13 December 2011
  • Leaffeel

    which roads were you mentioning ? frankly , i think people in beijing always walk in hurry as well . which always present a feeling of living for life , but not for enjoying life .

    13 December 2011
  • Rapunzel

    are you going home for christmas ? Merry Christmas.

    19 December 2011
  • Sabrina

    some people riding bike and yelling watch out and rush into the flew and never slow speed!

    20 December 2011

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