Success Tips for Young Entrepreneurs 给年轻创业者的建议

Posted by Liz on 4. Okt 2011

<p>1 Don't focus so much energy on what you've lost, focus on what you need to win. There will be times when you may lose $1 million in deals. You'll think it's the end of the world, but the next day you may make $1.2 million. Nothing is meant to always work out. You just need a Plan B.</p> <p>别在你失去的东西上投入更多能量,更关注你需要得到的东西。</p> <p>2 Many [business] people focus on what is static, black and white. Yet great algorithms can be rewritten. A business process can be defined better. A business model can be copied. But the speed of execution is dynamic within you and can never be copied. When you have an idea, figure out the pieces you need quickly, go to market, believe in it, and continue to iterate.</p> <p>有了主意,要做一个积极的执行者。你必须要比别人快。</p> <p>3&nbsp;People still stereotype all day long. But if you forget your own age, you'll get so focused on the business that you become ultra-confident and people will forget to question how old you are.</p> <p>忘记你的年龄,专注你要做的事业。</p> <p>4&nbsp;<strong>When faced with rejection&hellip;&nbsp;</strong>embrace it. This will change the entire way you look at life. Whenever someone says they're not interested in working [for me] or buying [from me], it fuels my competitive side. It may not be today or even next year, but I will carefully design a strategy to get a 'yes.' And when a 'yes' fuels you more than the actual deal or opportunity, you can embrace rejection in a much more competitive way.</p> <p>拥抱拒绝,将拒绝转换为你努力的动力。总有一天,你会得到&ldquo;认可&rdquo;。</p> <p>关注我的微博:<a href=""></a></p>

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