suzhou and wujiang salted mandarin tutor

Posted by Worldsoftheartedgirl on 30. Sep 2011

<p>Suzhou and Wujiang Salted Mandarin Tutor</p> <p>I'm a local Suzhou female Mandarin tutor who has been offering private Mandarin lessons to the expat community, short-term travellers and international students in Suzhou, Wujiang, Kunshan for the last 4.5 years. Lessons are customized based on student's level (Beginner through Advanced) as well as student's area of focus. Classes can be held at a quiet public place or the student's home/office.</p> <p>I like to analyze students' weak points and restore them.I know how to develop an appropriate teaching approach based on learners' background.My mandarin teaching motto is to make it easy, simple and interesting to my tutees.</p> <p>A suggestion if you want to learn Chinese I will recommend you to learn Mandarin. Do you know there are so many dialects and minority languages in China? If you learn Cantonese, a few people can understand you, but if you speak Mandarin, no matter where you go, you can conversation with all Chinese people in any province (including Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan).</p> <p>Once we have decided on the target, I will set a lesson plan for you. This study can be a short term (4 weeks, two months, half year or a long term: two years or four years&hellip;)</p> <p>I teach the students that to learn Chinese language and culture is to enable them to join in and share in this new global culture, and at the same time acquire important communication tools which will open a window for them on to a fantastic new world. I want my students to become knowledgeable, and broadminded, and have the ability to take part in this new modernization and globalization.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Hourly rate: 120RMB</p> <p>Extra teaching material or travel cost will be on the learner's account.</p> <p>Email: <a href=""></a></p>


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