Sexy Doesn't mean Sex Me

Posted by Jess on 29. Sep 2011

<p><strong><span style="color: #800000;">I have read an interesting news today on msn website.the news talk about women are not equal to men in Brussels.Because Toronto police officer warning sexual assault women victims that do not wearing like a slut.and plus i have read one member of this site wrote that why are chinese girls this cheap.what i want to say is whatever western women or chinese women,we can be sexy and beautiful.but we are not slut.I do agree there are some of women this cheap,but most of us still are good and nice person.well.Im sure most of ppl have heard about that a i dont want to talk too much about it.I want to share some interesing pics of that news,but it seems i cant put pics here.hehe.&nbsp; :(</span><br /></strong></p>

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