I do hate fucking foreigners

Posted by Jeanne Reno on 16. Sep 2011

<p>Most of the foreigners here in china are self-obssed,narcissism is one of the elements covers their fake appearance.They behave decently outside,while down deep their heart are all fucking evil thoughts.i am not gerneralizing all the foreigners,but 9 out of 10 are fucking hypcrites.What i am trying to stress is that dont' take a chance cheating great chinese girls,we are the purest one and we dont' want pervert love from the so-called foreigne! To my disappintment,most little naive chinese girls would take them as treasure,while i dont' give a shit! Even more surprisingly, a chinese young lady would rather date a aged man while refusing the kindness of our chinese man ,doing the nasty stuff with that shit rasing the so-called theory what they believe is keeping with the times.Well,i am urging every chinese girl polish your eyes and dont' be fooled and dumped like a shit by any nasty foreigners! Love is from our sincere heart which deserves our tureness and refinement!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>


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