huanyu foreign fashion models and entertainers performing arts agency

Posted by Huanyu on 8. Sep 2011

<p>huanyu foreign fashion models performing arts sudio provide all kinds of models ,singers, dancers , entertainers for all events , gigs and parties .</p> <p>our model include shooting models , car models , fashion models , ettiquetta girls , chamberlain , foreign speech esperts , foreign children models&nbsp; and metis models,</p> <p>our dance include latin dance , salsa dance , samba dance ,african drum dance team, belly dance ,hip hop dance , modern dance ,ballet dance , jazz dance , yoga dance, swing dance,tango dance,cancan dance ,flamanco dance ,russion dance&nbsp; and so on</p> <p>our singers include&nbsp; guitar singer , jazz singer , hip hop singer , rock singer , piano singer ,opeta singer ,black singer and so on</p> <p>our band iinclude jazz band ,rock band , hip hop band , black band , folk band and so on our musicians include piano , guitar, flute ,harp , saxophone , keyboard , violin , bass , bagpiper , drum,chinese musicians&nbsp; and so on</p> <p>we aso have foreign bar tenders , magicians , acrobats , kung fu , DJ , host and hostesss , basketball player and so on</p> <p>telephone : 134 2637 3475</p> <p>QQ&nbsp; :1721463292&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 275229612</p> <p></p> <p>Skype :huanyumodel</p>


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