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Posted by adalsj on 22. Jul 2011

<p>(1)If you want to do L visa extension, it can be extension two times, each time for a month.</p> <p>(2)If you want to apply for F visa, we can send a business invitation letter to you. It can be extension to 3 or 6 months, you can stay one year if continue extension.</p> <p>(3)If you want to apply for Z visa, we can also send you a letter for invited. And Z visa extension can be done without leaving China.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Please answer the following questions for your visa solution and quotation:</p> <p>(1) What&rsquo;s your nationality? How old are you?</p> <p>(2)Where are you now?</p> <p>(3) What visa do you have now &amp; when will your visa expire?</p> <p>(4) Where was your visa issued at?</p> <p>(5) What visa do you want apply?</p> <p>(6) How long and how many entries you want to apply?</p> <p>MSN&amp;Email<br />Tel :010-58156222-128&nbsp; Mob : 18210637854 Janey Lau<br />QQ :1395601151</p> <p>Add : Room 707-708,CYTS Plaza,No5 Dongzhimen South Avenue,Dongcheng District,Beijing</p>

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