5 sweet puppies and their pretty mom for adoption!

Posted by Zihui on 28. Apr 2011

<p><img src="http://images.55bbs.com/day_110427/20110427_9f46918465dbad33acb0YzvA8uYv3Mha.jpg.thumb.jpg" alt="" width="800" height="508" /></p> <p>born at Jan. 30, they are all healthy, lively and friendly, small breed, dewormed twice, got their first shot at april 11th.<br />their mom is a mixed short-haired Dachshund(i suppose), she's very smart and friendly to anybody, she was abandoned after her former owner left for hometown before chinese new year, she strayed near our company, a kind old lady took care of her and her puppies in a bicycle parking. now i pay a pet hospital as their temporary home and trying to find nice families for her and her very beloved puppies,<br />if your family loves dogs,<br />if you got stable job and home in Beijing,<br />if you have enough time and patience to take care of a puppy (not for busy full time workers),<br />if you can register her (¥1000 for first year, ¥500 for annual check),<br />if you can walk her with a leash,<br />if you can offer her best professional food and basic training,<br />if you can take her with you as a part of family when you leave Beijing,<br />if you would like to keep in touch with me during his entire life,<br />please contact:<br />Email: <a href="mailto:fw_bj@hotmail.com">fw_bj@hotmail.com</a> or MSN: <a href="mailto:lanzihui@beyondpr.com.cn">lanzihui@beyondpr.com.cn</a></p>


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