Plastered T-shirts

Plastered T-shirts

Join Our Fan Page! Please! And Win Big!

Posted by Plastered T-shirts on 15. Apr 2011

<p>Plastered has created a <a href="">Facebook fan page</a> so we can keep you all up to date on our latest movements, <strong>give away great prizes</strong> and try to get the world Plastered. So we'd really love you if you joined our <a href="">fan page</a> and as a carrot we're giving away a <strong>signed limited edition screen print of our first tattoo artwork</strong>. <strong>These babies sell for 1800rmb</strong> and they're stunning, we will randomly pick one of our fans in a few days and send it straight to your home where ever you might be in the world!</p> <p>Click <a href="">here</a> to change your life!</p>


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