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Posted by anny on 16. Feb 2015

actually im here to find someone to practice my japanese.
Would love to talk with anyone of you except the people I mentioned below.
Do not bother if you're:
-People who like to use internet terms and mis-spell for fun too much. I can't take it anymore.
-Perverts;If you're a fun person to talk to, it's completely fine but 'Hi, your lips are beautiful I want to put my dick inside your mouth' in your face is just rude and pathetic.
-'Hi, how are you?'. I'm always a 'Fine, thanks and you?' person so screw that lame approach.
-Old fellas. Get your dirty fat fingers off of keyboards.
-Babies. I feel like a pedophile if you're a teenager. I'm sorry it's my bad. Can't help.
-Friend collectors, Wife seekers.


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  • Elkass


    16 February 2015
  • Asian Buddy

    Before you write lots of verbal diarrheic nonsense I suggest you join a Japanese web site! This site is Chinese?

    01 March 2015
  • Shuai

    how do you define"old fellas"?

    04 May 2015
  • Asian Buddy

    Anyone over 25! lol

    11 May 2015

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