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Posted by VIP MODELS on 10. Sep 2014

Welcome to VIP Russian Escorts in Beijing
Hello and a warm welcome to Russian VIP MODELS Escorts in Beijing
VIP MODELS Russian Escorts in Beijing is a fresh new concept in the escorting world, and seeks to better solve the problem of choosing the right escort for you.
VIP MODELS Russian Escorts in Beijing combines the drive and higher quality of the very best independent escorts, with the convenience and quality control of an escort agency.
Here's what makes VIP MODELS Russian Escorts in Beijing different from agencies and other independent escort portals:
• VIP MODELS Russian Escorts in Beijing are self-starters, who wish to please you for their own pleasure as well as yours. They don't need an agency owner to motivate/threaten them to spend time with you.
• You will be in direct contact with your chosen lady before the meeting itself.
• Starting off as a High-class escort can be expensive project, with design and marketing, it can costs over a thousand dollars to get up and running. This stops many high-quality ladies from becoming independent escorts, e.g. students. VIP MODELS Escorts solves this problem, by letting ladies share the marketing costs, ensuring you don't miss out on the best
• VIP MODELS Russian Escorts in Beijing have to pass some rather high standards before they may appear on this site. We only accept fresh ladies who haven't been around too long, we don't accept ladies with fake pictures, and we don't accept ladies with bad reviews. After all, we have our reputation to keep up too!
• We take escorting seriously. If there is an escort lady that is not quality, serious about her job, or is a thief...we will report her right her on our website, she will be black listed and it will be very visible for any visitor of this website, to alert all clients not to waste their time and money on ladies that are not worth it. As we are not an agency, we are impartial, and can be trusted to tell the truth.


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  • David Li

    do you have a website or some other contact infomation?

    11 September 2014

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