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Colin Friedman

WELIVEINBEIJING has been nominated for an ELA

Posted by Colin Friedman on 31. Aug 2014

Beijing today is no longer a consumer hardship posting for expatriates. The opposite, there is a wide and very diverse range of products and services available.

In fact there is now so much choice that at times it is hard to know what to buy or which service provider to use.

The Expat Life Awards (ELAs) have been designed so that the Expatriate community can show their support for their preferred vendors.

The winning vendor will be able to proudly confirm to new arrivals and old hands alike that they were awarded an ELA in recognition of the quality of their services.

The 2014 ELAs will be granted to over 20 categories of service providers.

The winners will be decided by an on-line voting mechanism which will permit each valid email address to vote only once.

The Expat Life Award Ceremony and the Expat Fair will be held on Sunday 21 September 2014 in the Hilton Beijing.

All providers of products and services of interest to Beijing’s expatriate community will be invited to participate in the Expat Fair.

Sponsorship opportunities are available

The ELA title sponsor cannot be a nominee.
Participating vendors are eligible to sponsor any category in which they are not participating, for example a Media company is eligible to sponsor a Medical category.

Voting for the Expat Life Awards is now open.

To vote click here

You decide which is the best Expat Mag, Dentist, Chinese Language School, Hospital, Real Estate Agency etc.

CLICK HERE to see the list of nominees:

No. Category Name
1 Chinese Culture Organisations
2 Chinese Language Schools
3 Dental Clinics
4 English Language Expat Mags
5 Hair Salons
6 Health Insurance
7 Hospitals
8 International Schools
9 Kindergartens
10 Media – on-line edition
11 Medical Clinics (TCM)
12 Medical Clinics (Western)
13 Moving Companies
14 Real Estate Agencies
15 Social Websites
16 Spa & Massage Parlours
17 Sports and Fitness
18 Supermarkets
19 Tours Domestic
20 Veterinary Clinics
21 Wealth Management
22 Wine Shops

The ELA’s are proud to be sponsored by China Radio International


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