[About China] - T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Posted by Zenlet on 30. Aug 2014

[About China] - T'ai Chi Ch'uan

Chinese culture can be traced back to thousands of years ago. It still retains its character after centuries of communication and interaction with cultures around the world.
Human beings are always curious about their own body. Can science explain everything about the operation of our body? And do the Chinese see it the same way?
We learn about our body to gain more freedom for it. Chinese martial art (wushu) was born by the conflict of people’s bodies. As the technique of wushu developed, it yielded a branch with strong cultural implication - t'ai chi ch'uan(Chinese: 太极拳; Pinyin: tàijíquán; often shortened to t'ai chi, taiji or tai chi). This is a kind of wushu in which you need to use your mind to impact on your opponent’s moves, so as to defeat him/her. Practising t'ai chi can change the relationship between people, and give you a brand new perspective to see the world. So are you interested?
This is a platform to display Chinese culture. T'ai chi, zen meditation, history of zen, analysis of zen cases, zen plays, chi ch'ue plays, zen & tea, tea culture, Buddhism, Taoism, Inedia, Qigong and Chinese medicine are all themes of our courses. Customized plans for learning Chinese culture are available.
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