Amazing hikes on the Great Wall! [CVA Boutique Hiking] The Great Wall series

Posted by Kommandant on 22. Aug 2014

Routes Time Schedule Distance Difficulty Level
The first weekend of every month Aug.16; Sep.13… 8km CVA1.0
Huang Caoliang
The 2nd weekend of every month Aug.23; Sep.20… 16km CVA1.5
C Huanghuacheng The 3rd weekend of every month Aug.30; Sep.27… 12km CVA1.0
The 4th weekend of every month Sep.6; Oct.4… 10km CVA1.5 

A Q iangzilu V-shaped Great Wall
This is China’s only V-shaped section of Great Wall.
It is rare that some of the Great Wall bricks are carved with Chinese inscription, which shows the brickyard that made these wall bricks. Legend has it that Li Zicheng, the leader of a renowned peasant revolt in late Ming Dynasty, had fought a brutal combat here. Hundreds of people died in that battle and in history the battle field was called “corpse ditch”.

B Huangcaoliang Great Wall
Huangcaoliang scenic area is home to Beijing’s many gorgeous mountains including the highest Lingshan Mountain. The geographical features here resemble the Tibetan Plateau with some Tibetan Buddhism traits such as piles of Mani stone. Here lies the most western part of Beijing’s Great Wall which consists of seven hidden guard-towers.

C Huanghuacheng Great Wall
The Great Wall boasts as one of the most prestigious section of the Great Wall in Beijing. Huanghua literall means “yellow flowers”. Huanghuacheng is mostly noted for its perfect blend of water and walls. In summertime the area is all covered by blossoming yellow flowers. The entire section consists of six forts, six passes, twelve beacon-towers, and thirty-two guard towers.

D Shixiaguan Great Wall
It has great scenery but little known and seldom visited. It has many ups and downs, but a bit easier than the dangerous Jiankou. Shixiaguan is noted for its variety of Great Wall structures, including circular fort and wavy wall, which are quite rare.

Basic Information
350-400 RMB per hiker (including two bottled water and insurance)
8:00 am Hiker pickup and departure from Lido Hotel Starbucks (pickup place is flexible)

About CVA Boutique Hiking
CVA Boutique Hiking is a newly-founded hiking and traveling project that is tailored for foreigners living or travelling in China.
China Volkssport Association (CVA) is the Chinese member of the Internationaler Volkssportverband (IVV), also known as the International Federation of Popular Sports in English. IVV is a non-profit international association that encourages public health through non-competitive, outdoor sports programs. CVA has been committed to promote walking and hiking activities since it was founded in 2002. To date CVA has approximately 30,000 registered members across China.

Booking a hike
Call: 010-84896319/20/21
Our website is currently undergoing reconstruction which will enable online booking when it’s finished. or contact us via WeChat by scanning the QR code below:

The trip requires at least 5 participants otherwise the trip will be automatically cancelled.
Sign up or cancellation deadline is 12:00 on Friday, the day before the hiking.
The trip will not be operated if the weather is too bad and dangerous for outdoor hiking.

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