How AI Voice Bots are enhancing customer care

Posted by Kwantics on 13. Des 2020

As an important part of customer service, businesses prefer ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BOTS and AI VOICEBOT. There are many explanations for this, but the main explanation is the time saved: because ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BOT easily answers basic questions, there is more time for the team to handle more complicated queries. Bots help organizations save operating costs and reduce response time, which increases the experience of customer service. The key benefits of using chatbots and AI VOICEBOT for customer care and improving customer satisfaction are:


1. Provide instant customer support

Long queue times scare clients away. Companies lose 75% of their clients due to waiting times. Therefore, one of the major   consumer frustration due to which they get irritated is being unable to get immediate solutions.

Implementing a chatbot along with other communication platforms like AI VOICE ASSISTANT will assist you in providing immediate support to customers.


2. Deliver a better customer experience

Good quality service is an integral part of the customer experience. With an AI VOICE ASSISTANT for customer service, they are more inclined towards the brand when you ask them questions in real-time. In the past year, 67 percent of clients used chatbots and liked them.


3. 24×7 availability

For average customers, the time that they spend waiting on hold is very inconvenient. 43% of customers expect E-Commerce/online retailers to have 24/7 customer support, and 36% expect customer service to be available for approximately 12 hours a day/7 days a week.

 The direct impact of 24×7 availability in the resolution speed is growing. One big differentiating factor when it comes to keeping clients is to have a fast response and resolve a problem in the first touch itself. This is one of the top reasons why chatbots are deployed round the clock to provide superior customer service.

 4. Assist with live chat

There can be three options for companies who want to have live chat support: Live chat, AI VOICE ASSISTANT, or a hybrid approach to using both. To provide better customer service, the correct combination of all communication channels works well.

 5. Lower  customer service costs with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE BOTS

There are several chatbot advantages that organizations can use to optimize their costs like saving on demotivated Employee CTC etc. It is essential to utilize the advantages of AI VOICEBOT to capitalize and reduce employee frustration too.

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