Cry today~

Posted by Olivia on 22. Jul 2014

      Very upset today, the first time i cry for the matter of work. Hard to believe that...the very reason is i really want take some days off, i have to prepare my examinations...but at the moment i hand in the application of leaving, i was told to take a trip to other city. I was confused and hurt and i cry...but i make every effort to talk with my boss who promised me won't require me to the project if i went the other one, and i did finish the other one and now he asked me to the project which he promised wouldn't ask me to. I am about to burst into tears cuz i applied vocations yesterday. Three weeks ago, when i handed the vocation application in the morning, then, was informed to have a trip at afternoon. Now it happened again, i couldn't accept it, i just couldn't. Others were having vocations, why me? why ask the one have the most examinations? why, why, why?????


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