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Kenny Christies


Chinese printing trends: internet technology

Posted by Kenny Christies on 12. Sep 2017

"Internet" it is not strange in our life. The Internet is like a big family, popular in our daily life, and now a lot of Chinese printing companies also begin to pay attention to understand printed business information from the Internet, the active participation of china printing customers market bidding activity, in time, the role of the network in the contract printing services is bound to be more prominent. The word "network printing" is no stranger to everyone, maybe there are a lot of people in our country do not understand the latest trends of the "network printing", but in a foreign country, "Network Printing" can be said to undertake the printing business has become important one of the channels, and continue to affect China printing , precisely because of this new trend, so a lot of printing experts have sufficient reason to believe that the positive development of the network orders have gradually become the future development direction of China's printing industry .

The reason why printing experts believe so sure, move closer to the direction of the next phase of development of China's printing industry will "network printing". One of the reasons is because the network has a fast, convenient, low prices, a wide range of information and many other advantages, with the network, huge earth has become something of a global village within easy reach of a mutual. The use of Internet-based platform, network printing information, printing, logistics, warehousing management systems, each system in order to provide customers with convenient print collaboration. Network printing according to the market demand and public opinion polls, to social network printing of various cards printing, book printing, catalog printing, brochure printing, flyer poster printing, sticky notes envelopes network printing, leaflets network printing, seal mark products such as network printing, the simple inkjet Albums network printing, fixed size carton packaging PVC acrylic carving products network printing. Network printing to expand the range of products and the types of value-added services, while reducing the operating costs of theprinting plant. Therefore, the use of the network to undertake printing orders has become a trend, and is rapidly developing.

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