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Walkright Kids Navy Anchor Velcro Canvas Shoe-20712

Posted by lonway lonway on 2. Mar 2017

shoezone.com use cookies to provide you with a better service, by continuing to use the site you agree to our Cookie Policy.Find out more and how to manage cookies here . Product Details Give a classic, sporty look to your little ones summer outfit with our kids navy canvas shoes. They come complete with twin Velcro strap fastening,Safety Shoes, toe cap,Safety Shoes Online, anchor print,steel toe cap boots, padded collar for extra comfort on a grip sole. Features: Upper: Fits well 5star I would recommend this product Shoes Lovely shoe. On the large size scale. I would recommend this product Good value For a fiver..unreal!!finish not great but will do the job I would recommend this product Fits well The shoe fits well and looks nice but the ones I bought had a bit stitching that was caught on the white rubber bit at the front. The Velcro straps are also very long and hang right over the shoe and look a bit silly. For the money though they are well worth it. I bought these for my son for holiday and they are just what I was looking for. I would recommend this product Great value for growing feet. These are perfect for my 2 year old, particularly as he goes to nursery and can often get very grubby. Easily washable. I would recommend this product

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