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  • Wu Tao
    Wu Tao wrote:

    I'm looking for a cheap (!) scooter that I want to use for a few months.
    What's the best place in Bejing to buy one of those? Is there maybe a kind of flea market where I can get one?

    Of course: If you have an amazing offer, just send me a message.

  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:
    Sorry OP, I have no idea: I just wanted to hijack your thread with another question:

    What are the legal issues with owning/riding a scooter? Do all motorised vehicles require a licence or is there some motor-related limit to what you can drive like a bike and what you'd need be licensed to drive?

  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    Well, why would you buy your own scooter?
  • Malin Aaker
    Malin Aaker wrote:
    If you want to be fully legal in owning a scooter, just buy one. End of the story.
    If you want to be fully legal when you ride it though here's what you need:
    - license for 2 wheeled vehicles (there are different licenses depending on the engine volume).
    - Insurance
    - If you want to drive inside the 4th ring road you need a "京A" plate on your scooter. The beijing government stopped issuing such plates or at least slowed down a lot, so you need to buy one second hand, and have the certificate that this plate's former vehicle has been destroyed. Last time I checked, prices for such a plate were in the likes of 8 to 10 thousand RMB.

    Some say that a plate from another province is ok too, which would be a LOT cheaper. Have no idea if this is true or not.

    Once you get the plate, you need to register it for your new vehicle.

    Then I guess that's it you should be able to legally drive your scooter in Beijing!
  • Valery
    Valery wrote:
    Saibo: I was talking about a electric one. You don't need a license for one of those!! At least, that's what I've heard.

    Cool: Why not?
  • Malin Aaker
    Malin Aaker wrote:
    Nah, no license for those. Lots of shops have them in 东风北桥 / Dong feng bei qiao, just outside of the 4th ring on Liangmaqiao.
  • Petter Meisfjordskar
    @Wu Tao
    Because it is already yours sir.
  • Valery
    Valery wrote:
    Cheers, Saibo. I'll check it out.

    COOL, it's a good point.... Since I always try to rip myself off... ;)

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