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  • Doyouknowzhen?
    Doyouknowzhen? wrote:
    Hey peeps,
    For school I would like to use a dictionary, preferable an electronic one with Handwrite Characters. This cost around 1000 rmb.

    However, there are Chinese mobile phones (no iPhone) who have the same features as a dictionary.

    What do you guys think? Is buying a newer (temporary) mobile phone a better choice?

    Thanks in Advance!
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)

    Hahaha ... I am not which brand or model are you talking about, but I vote for phone, because you can "add" things into it or even write your own programs, I dont think you can do that with those e-dict ...
  • Malin Aaker
    Malin Aaker wrote:
    I've had a separate dictionary for a while. But don't use it much cause I never bring it with me. However a mobile phone is something you almost always have with you so it's way more convenient. Whenever you see a character you don't know, you can check it. Whenever after trying for 10 min to get an explanation of a word from someone you were talking to, you still don't get it, you can check the translation.

    If you go for the phone, a very good dictionary is PlecoDict ( www.pleco.com ). Another solution is to have a phone with handwriting enabled and internet access and use the mobile version of nciku.com .
  • Hanne Lene Larsen
    Thanks for your replies! Yeah I do not know any good (Chinese) brands or model in China. You have a point about the convenience Saibo. I would unlikely bring my dict with me besides school.

    The PlecoDict looks quite nice! But it costs a lot of money! And an internet subscription is quite useless for me.

    Yeah I whine a lot haha =P

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