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  • IPaws Official
    IPaws Official wrote:
    Is there any fitness club around Chaoyang Park west gate?

    Hi all, I just moved to the neighborhood near Chaoyang Park west gate, and trying to find a fitness club to get some workout. I took a look on Junwangfu and Boyayuan yesterday. Honestly, they suck!

    Any recommendation?
  • Malin Aaker
    Malin Aaker wrote:
    Haven't seen any big Gym over there since most compound have their own in that area. So I'd say your best option to find a big one is the Nirvana one between Chaoyang park and sanlitun.
  • IPaws Official
    Thx m8, I'll definately go take a look.
  • IPaws Official
    Lol, finally, I got into this nirvana.

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